19 things you didn’t know about animals

Today we’re going to talk about 19 facts from the animal kingdom. 

Here are 19 things you probably didn’t know about animals

Number 1

Polar bears have black skin

Polar bears have black skin under their fur. They have clear fur covering a layer of black skin which helps them absorb the sun’s rays better. The rays get caught in the fur which causes luminescence, making the polar bear look white.

Number 2

A cheetah is faster than a Ferrari

A cheetah can accelerate from 0 – 60 miles per hour, or 90 kilometers per hour in just three seconds. That’s faster than a Ferrari and then some.

Number 3

Moths do not have stomachs

Moths have a midgut were the digestion occurs in a sack-like structure called the crop where they store food. Moths only live for a week to mate and die after laying eggs.

Number 4

A honey bee has 2 stomachs

A honey bee has 2 stomachs. When a big furry honey bee sucks up nectar from a flower through its proboscis, some of it goes into the main stomach to be be used as food for energy. The rest goes into a special stomach to be processed into honey.

Number 5

Elephants use their floppy ears to regulate their body temperature

Due to their immense size, elephants produce a lot of body heat. Thankfully much of it radiates out through veins in their large ears. An elephant can lose as much as 48 degrees Fahrenheit or 9 degrees celsius through its massive ears.

Number 6

The venom from a poison dart frog can kill ten men.

Don’t do by their cute appearances. Poison dart frog is one of the deadliest animals on earth. A single poison dart frog possesses enough venom to kill ten adult men. Sometimes animals die simply by touching the spot where a dart frog had just been.

Number 7

Hummingbirds can not walk

The smallest in the world, the hummingbird is immensely quick and swift and can fly backward upside down and even sideways however their legs are too weak and little to support walking The most they can manage is to shuffle sideways.

Number 8

Male penguins propose to females by giving them a pebble.

Male Gentoo penguin looks for the smoothest shiniest pebble to present to females of their choice. If the female accepts, she takes the pebble and puts it in her nest, accepting the mail as a mate.

Number 9

Music makes cows more productive

Cows have been seen to produce more milk while listening to slow music. The calming impact of music is known to stimulate milk production according to research.

Number 10

A male ostrich can roar like a lion

Ostriches live in large groups and the males display a deep grunt commonly mistaken as a roar, as a warning call to defend their territory. This behavioral sound comes naturally to them.

Number 11

The Pacific giant octopus has 3 hearts

2 of the 3 hearts of the pacific giant octopus pump blood to the gills while the 3rd circulates blood to the rest of the body.

Number 12

The sweat glands of a dog are located in their paws.

This is why dogs leave behind wet footprints when their body temperature rises however this is just a minor method of releasing body heat as dogs rely more on their accessive panting to cool down

Number 13

Spider Silk is stronger than steel

Spider silk though thinner than a human hair is shockingly stronger than steel and as strong as nylon of the same width. It can also stretch up to 30 percent of its initial length without breaking.

A 2-inch thick rope made of spider thread can even stop a Boeing 747 research claims.


Dragonflies cannot walk.

Like most insects, dragonflies have 6 legs but still can’t walk. These winged creatures use their legs for grasping and perching, but they don’t support walking.

Number 15

Reindeer eyes are golden in the summer and turn blue in the winter.

This is their way of coping with 3 months of constant summer sunlight followed by another 3month of winter darkness. During summer, reindeer eyes reflect most of the light through the retina thus appear golden in color.

In winters, their enhanced night vision kicks in and a layer of tissue appears behind the retina making it look blue

Number 16

An electric eel can discharge a current of 600 volts

The electric eel can deliver enough current to knock down a fully grown horse. One of the most formidable predators in the animal kingdom, the body of an electric eel has specialized cells that can emit 600 volts of current.

Number 17

A cockroach can survive decapitation

A cockroach can survive decapitation because they breathe through openings called spiracles in their body which are not controlled by their brain.

A decapitated cockroach will die after about a week, out of thirst and hunger.

Number 18

Turtles give birth to more females in hot weather.

A turtles gender is not determined by its chromosomes, but the ambient temperature of the eggs. This has become a matter of concern in light of global warming, with the threat of an all-female population and extinction.

Number 19

A giraffes neck has as many bones as a human’s neck

A giraffes neck has seven vertebrae just like humans, the difference, however, is the size of the bones. Each vertebra in a giraffe can measure up to 11 inches or 28 centimeters