5 best pet birds for beginners and children

The first bird on the list is the budgie

Budgies are excellent birds for children because they’re great family birds and also great first birds to have. 

Budgies are not known for being great talkers but if they do talk, they can have some of the largest vocabularies out of all birds.

Some budgies speak so incredibly well and if you do get a talking budgie, its a nice little bonus and exciting to have a little talking friend, so that’s always a possibility with a budgie.

Budgies are playful and have a lot of energy. They are excitable little parrots and also like to explore and can do a lot of tricks. Another great thing about budgies that helps me recommend them for children, is that they have such tiny little beaks. If a budgie bites, it’s probably not going to take your finger off.

It’s important to keep in mind that budgies are very small and fragile birds so if you have a child who’s a little too young to have such a small companion, it’s probably a better idea to either wait until your child is ready to have a budgie or perhaps you could get your child a bird that is a little bit larger. 

All birds are fragile, excitable and playful, so you have to wait until your child is ready to handle these small animals, and that may be a different age for each kid.

I got my first bird at seven which means my brother was about 6 and we were both ready, but other kids are not ready until they’re about 10 years old. So this is very important to keep in mind, as birds are not like dogs and cats where you can just tumble about with them. You have to have an elegant approach to birds.

I recommend getting a single bird if you’re looking for your companion, but because parrots love to be in flocks, it is important to remember to include your bird every single day. You must make sure your bird is not lonely, because birds can die of loneliness, especially budgies. So please keep in mind, when you are committing to a bird you are committing to putting in many hours.

Budgies are a great first bird for the family and great with children.

Now let us look at the next bird that I think is a great bird for kids. The Cockatiel

Cockatiels are very playful, extremely cute and have very big personalities. You may know already that they are cousins of the cockatoo. They like to snuggle and love head scratches. Thy can be chill too, so you could sit and watch tv and have your bird just chilling with you.

They’re not going to be the best talkers, but as I said before, the males can learn to whistle and can whistle different tunes. They might not so don’t expect it, but it could happen. The best thing about them is that they are more than one person birds. This is important when choosing a bird that is going to be for the family. And when you are choosing a parrot for a child, it has to belong to the entire family because everyone has to be able to care for it.

Cockatiels are very high on my list because they are known to be very sweet and just steal your heart. I kid you not, you can’t go wrong with the cockatiel. Of all the birds mentioned on this list, I think a cockatiel is going to be a sure winner.

Another thing to remember is that cockatiels can be very quiet. They’re a bird, so they are going to be loud when they do chirp but not as loud as other birds, and not as noisy in general. So overall cockatiels are amazing for families with children.

The next bird I think is a great bird for families and kids is the Parrotlet

What I like about the parrotlet is that they’re not especially noisy which can be great for a first bird, and are also great with families.

Parrotlets are extremely curious and intelligent birds and remember the intelligence of birds will always keep you so entertained.

They probably won’t talk so much but they have been known to say a few words and phrases. Don’t get this bird if you’re looking for a talking bird, although you may get lucky and get one that talks.

Parrotlets are a cousin of the Amazon Parrot and they’re known as little birds with huge personalities. Because these birds have a mind of their own, I would say that although they are great birds for children, maybe children over 10 would be the best age because they do have their moods. They will tell you, hey you are pushing my buttons man! So there is the chance parrotlet could nibble a bit and that’s always a good enough reason to make sure your child is aware of the emotional behaviors of the parrotlet.

They have their body language that you’ll need to get to know as does every parrot. So for parrotlets, I would suggest starting a little bit older, but they are still great birds for kids. I would say the budgie is a little bit better in this area as they not going to bite as hard or as much.

If you socialize your bird well and include the bird in everything you do then there’s much less of a chance of getting a bird with a little attitude problem. It is very important to interact with your bird consistently so it doesn’t lose its companionship because that can happen with a bird.

Overall these are loving and affectionate loving souls and I think you can’t go wrong with the Parrotlet. They are cute, fun, curious, and playful little birds that love to get themselves into everything and I think you will enjoy owning your parrotlet and cannot possibly go wrong.

The Pionus Parrot is great because they can be friends with all the family members

For those of you wondering why I keep mentioning that, sometimes a parrot can become attached to just one person, which can make it hard for anyone else to go near that person. But with the Pionus parrot, they are known to be great with all family members so that’s always a plus when you are choosing a bird for a family.

They can also be a great bird for the first time parrot owner. Some great things about these birds are they tend to be on the more quiet side which is a bonus for any parrot owner as you may know. They are affectionate and extremely playful. They may not be the best talkers in the world and they might not talk at all, so that’s something you may like to consider. They are also very gentle which can be a great thing for a family pet, especially with birds that can be kind of moody like the parrotlet.

They may also be happy playing on their own which is also a plus. Many of you may be saying I want a cockatoo to cuddle and stuff, but after a while, some people do discover that they are better off with a bird that can have a bit of its independence.

Sometimes with the male Pionus parrot, you will find they can aggressive and possessive over that one person that they love, which is just more reason to socialize the bird properly. If you socialize your bird properly and include him around the whole family, you’ll have a great time preventing that and I think this bird is a perfect addition to the family.

These birds are sweet and cuddly, but even better is, they have this nice musky smell. 

The last bird on the list is the Meyers Parrot

These are also exceptionally quiet birds on the parrot scale, so they make for a great starter bird and also a great family bird. If you have a family with a young child or baby, it might be a good thing to look into birds that are known to be on the quieter side of the parrot scale.

The Meyer parrot is also a bird that will bond well with the whole family. This is always a major plus, and the reason this bird makes it onto the list. Birds that tend to bond with the entire family are great, and of course, kids need pets that can bond with the rest of the family.

They are affectionate, but they’re not exactly cuddly, so that means they enjoy head scratches and enjoy being with you but don’t necessarily enjoy being all up in you like a cockatoo would. Which again can be a great thing. Meyers parrots are not the best talkers but can learn a few words, and the best thing about the Meyers parrot, in my opinion, is that they are rarely moody with the people they like.

Meyers parrots can be great for younger kids that have not learned to analyze their bird’s behaviors or pick up on the small things that can make the bird nippy. Birds can be a little bit nippy and suddenly your sweet cuddly little bird can turn into a nippy bird that is angry with you because you approached him from the wrong angle.

The Meyers parrot is a great bird in this area because once you are their buddy, they won’t turn on you. So these are great birds for kids, families and make a great bird for people with little experience.

The Meyers parrot could bite a little bit harder than some of the birds on this list, so socializing with the parrot is extremely important.

Remember that all birds deserve love, affection, and attention. You never want to get a bird that you intend on leaving in a cage just you would never, ever, imagine leaving a dog in a dog crate, you cannot leave a bird in a cage unsocialized.

I hope you like this list of the five birds I think would make for great companions for you or your children. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the birds on this list, but just remember to love your birds like theyre your family and include them ,like their your best friend.

With all of the birds on this list, you have to give your birds ample amounts of toys. Things to keep them busy while you are at school or work. Your birds must have things to do when in the house themselves. Just imagine yourself standing in one corner with nothing exciting to do, or no phone, no interaction and nobody to talk to. It would drive you crazy.

Birds are very intelligent little beings and its more important than you know, so no matter which bird you decide on remember to treat them with all the love and attention you possibly can and keep them occupied with all the toys you can.