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hound dogs

Greyhound Greyhounds have been prized for thousands of years for their speed, agility, and keen-sighted hunting skills.  They closely resemble the dogs depicted in ancient Assyrian and Egyptian carvings; and for this reason, some claim that they are the most purebred dogs on earth.  They are certainly among the fastest dogs in the world, capable […]

Toy Breeds

Affenpinscher Affenpinschers are among the oldest of the toy breeds. They originated in central Europe. Their name translates as “Monkey-terrier” in German, but the French refer to them as “mustachioed little devils.” These wiry-haired, energetic dogs are well suited to both names. These tough and agile dogs were bred to catch mice and rats in […]

Preparing For Your Puppy To Come Home – Checklist

Puppy Immunizations Before puppies are weaned, they absorb antibodies against infection from their mother’s milk. But during the period, from weaning to about 3 months, they are vulnerable to infection from other germs (from other dogs or germs brought in on clothes, etc.). Some puppies may begin the course of vaccinations around 6 weeks, however […]

Mastiff Dog Breeds

brown mastiff dog

What kind of dog is a mastiff? Hello, and welcome to, a topical website that gives real information about the magnificent breed of The Mastiff dog. They may be on the large side, but mastiffs dog breeds are a lovable pet, loyal and protective to the end.From beginning to end, this website will give […]