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Popular Working Dogs

Popular Working Dogs

Alaskan Malamute Malamutes have been bred in the Arctic regions of Alaska for generations for use as sled-pullers and draft animals.  They are true pack animals, with the instinct either to lead or be led, so it is important that they receive rigorous obedience training as puppies.  Malamutes are immensely strong animals that thrive on […]


hound dogs

Greyhound Greyhounds have been prized for thousands of years for their speed, agility, and keen-sighted hunting skills.  They closely resemble the dogs depicted in ancient Assyrian and Egyptian carvings; and for this reason, some claim that they are the most purebred dogs on earth.  They are certainly among the fastest dogs in the world, capable […]

Toy Breeds

Affenpinscher Affenpinschers are among the oldest of the toy breeds. They originated in central Europe. Their name translates as “Monkey-terrier” in German, but the French refer to them as “mustachioed little devils.” These wiry-haired, energetic dogs are well suited to both names. These tough and agile dogs were bred to catch mice and rats in […]